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hey there and welcome to my really crappy blog! uwu my name js molly, but i don’t really mind what you call me, even though just “moll” is preferable. i live in wales, united kingdom. uwu i’m still in high school obviously but i hate that crap...

i fall under the virgo star sign (september 5th) so my patron troll is the wonderful kanaya. she isn’t my favourite troll though, my favourite troll is definitely meulin though kurloz and karkat make a close second. homestuck isn’t all i blog though, you can expect a lot of hetalia, sherlock, rotg, pokemon, dr who, harry potter, dan + phil and video game stuff here. uwu

never ever be afraid to talk to me! i’m actually pretty shy myself and find starting conversations really hard, but if you start talking to me it’s very unlikely that i’ll ignore you because i really like making new friends uwu please just don’t be mean to me or anything, i’m really sensitive and get upset really really easily. .w.

since i’m a homestuckian i suppose i should tell you my title uh well according to that homestuck title test thing i’m a seer of heart. as i mentioned earlier my patron troll is kanaya, but my favourite trolls consist of karkat, meulin, kurloz, sollux, aradia, and my favourite kids are dave, john, jade, dirk and jane. uwu i’m a huuuuuuge multishipper and you’ll find my ship list on my index which is in my navigation :3

ok so just gonna put it out there that i’m a christian. i try and attend church every sunday, i pray before going to bed, and i go to a church school. but this doesn’t mean i’m going to bash your opinion or not want to be your friend because you’re a different religion!! i think everyone’s choice of religion is pretty important, even if you don’t choose to follow any religion, so never be afraid to talk to me if you’re worried about that kinda stuff uwu i don’t get offended too easily, so yeah!

if by any random chance of fate you want to contact me or whatever my skype is hellyeahwelshie, like my old url here. my twitter is also hellyeahwelshie, my youtube is welshscone, my deviantart is carnivalofmadness, my protagonize is sanctuary and my account is also carnivalofmadness. uwu i have a facebook too, but i only give that away to people i’m really good friends with. uwu;; if you want it tho just tell me! also i’m a bmgf (bulbagarden forums) moderator, and my name there is pokemoll. c: if you have an account there hit me up with a question and i’ll be happy to help!

something i need to warn you about is my panic attacks. i’ve been infrequently suffering from minor panic and anxiety attacks since i was a young child, and my triggers are just things like stress or panic, like usual anxiety/panic attacks. if i have one while i’m talking to you, don’t get scared or anything, you’re just going to panic me more. when i’m having an attack calming and acting as smooth as possible is the best you can do for me, and it always helps to have someone to talk to c:

okay languages time! i speak welsh and english, as well as learning german, spanish and italian both in school and by myself. uwu i love learning languages bc i want to communicate with as many people as possible, so, if you wanna try and talk to me in one of these go ahead and watch me fail at translating it eheh ;w;

i hope i haven’t put you off me but i probably have hm?? uwu anyway this is really all i have to write about i am now done yes but i should probably show you where various stuff is on my blog … for that just go to my index which can be found here uwu ok now go have fun awesome one who read my about me and sorry for plaguing you with my horribleness ;w; <333

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30 seconds to mars, a perfect circle, adam lambert, adventure time, all time low, animating, ao no exorcist, avril lavigne, bbc merlin, ben 10 (original), beyblade, black cat, blink-182, bowling for soup, breaking benjamin, chronicles of narnia, coldplay, death cab for cutie, dinosaur king, dr who, durarara!!, eden of the east, evanescence, fall out boy, flogging molly, good charlotte, gorillaz, gravity falls, green day, grizzly tales for gruesome kids, halestorm, harry potter, haruhi suzumiya, hetalia, high school of the dead, inazuma eleven, iron man: armoured adventures, jimmy two shoes, johnny test, k-on!, languages, limp bizkit, linkin park, listening to music, lucky star, moon phase, muse, my chemical romance, naruto, negima, nickelback, nirvana, northen lights, onerepublic, ouran high school host club, owl city, paramore, phineas and ferb, playing various sports, playing videogames, pokemon, reading, reading doujinshis, ready set reset, red hot chilli peppers, red jumpsuit apparatus, regular show, religion, rocky horror picture show, sherlock, shinedown, shugo chara, simple plan, skillet, slipknot, soul eater, spriting, stealing phoenix, studying history, sum 41, system of a down, temposhark, the all-american rejects, the beatles, the chaos walking trilogy, the chronicles of ancient darkness, the devil wears prada, the hunger games trilogy, the inheritance cycle, the offspring, the princess bride, the ready set, the rowling stones, the wolves of mercy falls series, thousand foot krutch, three days grace, tmnt, tokyo mew mew, toradora, transformers prime, tsubuasa: resevoir chronicles, twilight saga, ultimate spider-man, warm bodies, warrior cats, watching amvs, watching anime, we the kings, writing
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